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Astrology facts

Astrology has gone a long way in the study of different personality we humans exhibit. There are alot of websites online that gives indept description of the different personality traits of the twelve astrological (Zodiac) signs.

For one, i became a true believes of the different Astrology, i eat astrology, breath astrological and think astrology. It got to a point, i did not need to ask you for your birthday, all i need to do is to take a good look at you then i will know to which astrological sign you belong. But i then asked myself one question, is it i good idea knowing? Meeting people new, you need time knowing them, thats the fun part. But when it is you able to predict people at first glance, your social life would no longer be fun.
One thing we fail to understand is the fact that different characteristic feature con influence an individual astrological personality traits to a very large extent of even wiping out all the initial traits.
For example, the peers you hang out with can influence your astrological traits. Lets say you a Virgo for example, you not much of a social bug but you have friends that love to socialise alot. You’ll come to realise over time you might start adapting to that way of life. Yes, adaptation… Mans greatest asset


Mirror Mirror Photos & Movie Stills – Yahoo! Movies

Mirror Mirror Photos & Movie Stills – Yahoo! Movies.

Going into Advertising

Going into Advertising is easy, but being successful is another ball game entirely. What to consider most of all when you want to advertise are your target audience, the media you want to use to advertise, and also the product you want to advertise. As a new advertiser, you will have alot of fears, but not to worry, it comes with the territory. All you need do is to have faith in yourself that you can do it. All you need is that confidence in yourself because everybody is capable of going big time in advertising.
The different media in advertising have different formulas to use in order to get your target audience interested, so going for an interview is like you advertising yourself, so i guess this article is also for those going for an interview.
Lets say you meet your target audience,the first thing they are interested in is your composure, then how confident you are, then they go ahead to take a look at your product. Never sound desperate, sometimes its actually not good planning a speech to use when you meet your clients, instead know your product, feel your product, imagine the product to be yours and you’ve been using it for a long time. Feel the product you want to advertise. In other words, bond with it, then you’ll see that what you’ll say to your client will come naturally.

Movies For april 2012

The theaters will be buzzing once again with one of the greatest movies ever produce by James Cameron multi oscar winning movie. Yes!!! You got it, ‘Titanic 3D’ which will be released on the day of the sinking ship 100 years ago. I guess its a good anniversary present.
They are other movies that may hit the screen also on the month of April, belows are a list of those that i know will keep you glued to the chair. I’ll be posting more updates soon, so do keep in touch.
Apr4 Titanic
Apr6 The Hunter
A Fan’s Hope
Apr13 Woman Thou Art Loosed!:
Apr20 Think Like a Man High School
Chimpanzee Marley
Downtown Express
Apr27 The Raven
The Pirates!
Band of Misfits

Free Browsing Cheats for Mobile Phone

To be honest i don’t see any reason why someone would go surfing the internet searching for cheats to use in surfing the net for free when most of these telecom network have actually made packages that are cheap, very affordable and flexible to use. Besides all these cheats actually has its downsides. Most of them are very slow, don’t support downloads, and expires in a short period of time, thats means you’ll have to keep reconfiguring your mobile from time to time. So why waist the time when you can actually subscribe to a data package of your good network. Simply call the customer service of your good network for inquiries on their different data packages or visit their websites and maybe you’ll see that all the stress of looking for cheats is not actually worth the stress.


I hope nobody looks like Rango in real life, lol!!! For all movie fans this is the most mind blowing, funny, and Jack Sparrow killing movie. Ooh!!! Johny Depp, you the man. 5stars to this movie

Ghost Rider Spirit of vengeance

The Ghost Rider sequel almost had that cutting edge to sweep viewers off their feet. But somehow after watching the movie i felt like watching the first part of Ghost Rider. I missed that look into my eyes part he used to say in this sequel. And really Blackout was no match for him. I was really hoping for a real bad guy in this part, another spirit from hell maybe…

Movie ideas

I’ve got alot of ideas i know would make great block buster movie. There are alot of African myths and legends that are not missing. Great stories of great legends of warriors who knew how to use spears, knifer and shields. Made history, but only a few still have those history. The old and elderly. Somehow i met a few