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What your Aquarius guy is thinking

He loves to chat you up. Sharing
is his thing. Still, he’s also a
master at telling you what you
want to hear. It gives him
pleasure to make you smile, and
you can’t blame him. Part of his charm is that he’s oh, so great
at getting others to open up.
But what’s REALLY going on in his
lovely head? The stars reveal
what he won’t. Here’s what your Aquarius guy is
thinking: 1. “Hey friend” He’s the first to reach out to
others and his network is ever-
expanding. He knows people from
all walks of life and if he wanted
to he could be accompanied at all
times by a revolving entourage, he’s that popular.
2. “What’s next?”
Aquarius is the sign of tomorrow,
so he’s always on to the latest
technology, games and fun. He
wants his female counterpart to be someone who is as excited
about the future as he is. 3. “I got it”
From picking up the check to
creating his destiny, he’s in
charge and confident about his
choices. He decides for himself
and sometimes he also decides for the woman in his life, who
usually respond well to the
machismo display.
4. “Right on!”
Enthusiasm runs in his blood. He
goes for what he wants with mad-motivation. Even when he’s
trying to play it cool, he’s
5. “Nice smile.”
Yes, really. He actually does
notice those pearly whites before surveying everything
between them and the floor.
Kindness and a sense of humor
are chief among the sexy
qualities he’s looking for So tell me, do you think I’m