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Astrology facts

Astrology has gone a long way in the study of different personality we humans exhibit. There are alot of websites online that gives indept description of the different personality traits of the twelve astrological (Zodiac) signs.

For one, i became a true believes of the different Astrology, i eat astrology, breath astrological and think astrology. It got to a point, i did not need to ask you for your birthday, all i need to do is to take a good look at you then i will know to which astrological sign you belong. But i then asked myself one question, is it i good idea knowing? Meeting people new, you need time knowing them, thats the fun part. But when it is you able to predict people at first glance, your social life would no longer be fun.
One thing we fail to understand is the fact that different characteristic feature con influence an individual astrological personality traits to a very large extent of even wiping out all the initial traits.
For example, the peers you hang out with can influence your astrological traits. Lets say you a Virgo for example, you not much of a social bug but you have friends that love to socialise alot. You’ll come to realise over time you might start adapting to that way of life. Yes, adaptation… Mans greatest asset